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Sleeping Beauty: A Disney Theme in a Sex-Work Story

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In Sleeping Beauty (2011), Lucy is a university student, paying her way through college by way of paid clinical trials, part-time office work and a waitressing job. She in large part supports her mother, an alcoholic with a psychic hotline. She needs more money, always. She's particularly not shy. She likes sex.

An advertisement she's seen at school leads Lucy to an elegant estate, where she interviews for and is offered a job serving silver-service meals. In her lingerie. The meals are elaborate and staffed with other girls in various states of undress, and the guests are all somewhat anonymous wealthy old men. The money is good. Lucy takes every gig she's called in for. Sure, the whole thing is a bit unconventional, but it's also very exciting.

After sometime, Lucy is gets a promotion of sorts. In her new position, Lucy is required to drink a sedative tea and get into bed in one of the well-appointed guest rooms at another estate. Once asleep—and it's a very, very deep sleep—the women who runs the establishment brings in one of the gentleman guests. Though it is always promised that she will not be touched, what actually happens when the guest is left alone with Lucy is unclear. And soon she begins to worry.


It's an unfamiliar story, but one well worth seeing. [Netflix - Image via SleepingBeautyFilm]