Slide Lights: Photos, Lighting, Decoration

If there is anyone left on earth who is still using physical film to take slide photographs, here's something to do with them other than boring everyone with your interminable slide shows: Slide Lights, a lighting system that lets you insert those transparencies all along its length. You can mount the fixture either horizontally or vertically on your wall. It's like an elongated light box, lighting the room and letting you display your slides at the same time.

You remember slides, don't you? If you don't, the same company that sells Slide Lights offers transparencies which you can put into this lighting instrument as well.


The Slide Lights units are available in three different sizes, a 2 foot length ($183) which holds 13 slides, a 4 foot unit ($231) holding 25 slides and a six-foot fixture ($277) which can accommodate 36 slides.

Product Page [Gadgetstorm, via uber gizmo]

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