Slingbox Pro, A/V, and Tuner Reviewed (Verdicts: Ya, OK, Meh)

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CNet's John Falcone lines up the three new Slingbox video streamers, and puts em to work.

He gives the $250 Pro model an 8.3. He likes its ability to stream high definition over the internet to PCs and Windows Mobile devices at 720p/1080i resolutions. Not to mention any video coming in through standard composite, S-vid, and coax inputs.


The $180 A/V model earns an 8.0, without legs long enough to run HD. (Just S-vid and composite are included, without a tuner.)

The $180 Tuner model gets a 7.0, with only a coax input capable of running basic cable or the dreaded bunny ears. We might have given this model a 6—We encourage the upgrading of TV setups before spending money on streamers.


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