The Slingers are giddy today: After a long wait, many good things are happening with their favorite placeshifter. The Slingbox Pro-HD, which lets you sling 1080i content around a local area network, and the SlingCatcher, a set-top box intended to receive content from other Slingboxes, are both available for pre-order, $300 a pop, and better late than never. Windows-based Slingers can be psyched about the latest beta of the Sling Player 2.0 (available for Macs by like 2047 or something). While we're at it, SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian UIQ just arrived. So there you go, Sling away, just remember to lock the door so your mom doesn't catch you. [Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingCatcher via MegaZone at Sling Community]