SlingPlayer Coming To WebOS and Android Phones?

Illustration for article titled SlingPlayer Coming To WebOS and Android Phones?

Palm Pre and Android phone owners could be getting some Sling streaming television action if this Sling Media job listing reveals anything. The company is looking for a Mobile Interface Designer who has experience with Android and WebOS applications.


The listing demands that an applicant for the position:

Be knowledgeable about and/or interested in becoming an expert on the existing user interface paradigms used on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and Palm WebOS

Of course, if they are just looking for people to work on this now we can't really expect to see it this week or next, but at least it is in the works. So what are you waiting for? Apply, so we can watch the end of the football season on our HTC Heroes and Palm Pixies! [Sling Media via Pre Central]



the only problem I have with slingplayer is that if somebody is watching something on tv at home, and you want to use it, then sucks for you/them