SlingPlayer iPhone App Might Be Delayed by AT&T

Illustration for article titled SlingPlayer iPhone App Might Be Delayed by ATT

Sling submitted their iPhone app almost a month ago. Rumors suggested it was rejected altogether thanks to AT&T. Sling says they've gotten no word from Apple either way. But it's definitely looking delayed right now.

While it's designed to work over Wi-Fi and 3G—like that rumored and delicious Hulu app—AppleInsider suggests it might need to be Wi-Fi only to appease AT&T, who fears what it would do to its network. After all, at best its retracted Skype-and-Sling-banning terms of service update was a Freudian slip. [Boy Genius, AppleInsider]


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what happened to all that spectrum that was auctioned off. when are we gonna see that put to use and get some relief from this tired excuse of "taxing their networks." bajebus.