SlingPlayer Mobile 1.2 With 3G Streaming Now Available

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Yes that's right, you can now be a certified couch potato anywhere you find yourself with the new update to SlingPlayer Moblie, which can play back your DVR shows and control live TV from your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Do you hear a faint fapping? That's the sound of thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch users who have been hotly anticipating 3G SlingBox streaming for the some time now, finally able to control their home TVs on the go. Full channel-changing and PVR support is included.

The app costs $30 or comes as a free upgrade for existing users and can be snatched up riiiiiight now on iTunes. [iTunes - Thanks David!]



So you need the Slingplayer hooked up to your DVR at home to use this right? What is the real-world upload connection needed to use this? I think they say at least 750 kb/s. Is that right?