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Slow Mo' Video: PS3 Smashes Into Bravia TV at 50 MPH

Illustration for article titled Slow Mo Video: PS3 Smashes Into Bravia TV at 50 MPH

For an upcoming ad campaign, Sony Australia used a vehicle safety testing facility to ram the 7-pound PS3 Slim into the face of a Bravia KDL46X LCD TV. The results are hypnotizing.


As you'll see, the PS3 flies off the test sled, and careens about 10 feet through the air before hitting its target...wicked. [Gizmag via Kotaku]

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BergenCountyJC is rocking in the free world

This is one of their more tamer commercials I suppose. On a side note...why is everyone that commented hearted? Not that I don't have enough love to go around... #sonyps3smashesintobraviatvat50...