Small LG Quidam XCanvas TV won't do Splits, Will Change Backlight

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Ouch. LG's new Korean-for-now LCD TVs have been named the Quidam after that bendy, fiery, circus troupe, the Cirque du Soleil. There are six models to choose from, all with a rather spanky circular base design and sensors which automatically adjusts the brightness depending on how much surrounding light there is. That's rare for a set this small: 32 inches will set you back $1,614 and 42 inches $3,336. Expect to see them in the US at some point, as the LG vice-president said he saw the sets as a leading product in the global TV market.


LG introduces XCanvas Quidam TV [Digital Chosunilbo]

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They are creepy, but not as creepy as wondering what those animals are going through.

LG gets points for creativity, but aligning with an 80-dollar circus makes me wonder.