Smart Store Displays Trigger Product Demos When You Pick Something Up

A Japanese clothing retailer has installed new display racks in its store outfitted with a device called the DLabHook which promises to make decision making a little easier. When a customer removes an item from a rack, a promotional video is played providing more info on the product while it's demo'd by a model.

The system doesn't require a complicated retrofit by a store either. The DLabHook, developed by the "ultra-technologists" at teamLab, simply attaches to the end of a rack and uses a trigger to detect when an item has been removed. It's also useful for automatically keeping track of stock, if the retailer doesn't want to spend the extra money for the display system. However, it's not immediately obvious what happens if more than one customer choose an item from the same rack. But presumably some kind of digital slapfight will ensue. [DigInfo TV]


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