Smarthome's Rotating Power Outlet Gives Your Chargers Space

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Smarthome's rotating power outlet may not be as neat as the E-Rope concept, but it is still awesome. The rotating power outlet does exactly what a rotating power outlet should do; it rotates around for incalculable convenience, providing your power at all sorts of crazy angles.


OK, so the design maybe a little limited because the rotation occurs about the wall outlet rather than a power lead, but it is a step in the right direction. Now all you have to do is replace all the outlets in your house, it cannot be that hard, but it is probably harder than not doing it and just finding another socket to get you juice from. The swivelling excitement shall set you back a reasonable $10 per pair and the sockets are available for purchase online. [Product Page via Gizmos for Geeks]

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There's already plenty of these in all kinds of configurations available from hardware stores everywhere. I just saw a multitap of 5 of these for 10 bucks, yesterday. Not a big deal. And why would I install one of these in the wall? Overeager, much?