Design Concept: E-Rope Modular Power Strip

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The E-Rope Modular Power Strip is a 2006 Idea Award winner designed by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim. Still in the design concept phase, this is an idea that's bound to take off because not only does it look great but it's functional, too. Its blue lights glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current, saving you from that power-sucking standby mode that's so prevalent in many of today's electronic devices. Plus, its modular design lets you add just the right number of outlets needed.


While we're really digging our PowerSquid, the multi-tendriled power strip device thingamajig that gets the job done while offering plenty of separation for all those wall warts, we could use about a dozen of these E-Ropes, too.

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Doesn't crawling under the desk to turn off power to devices in standby kinda defeat the purpose of having a power strip (so you don't have to climb under the desk to unplug stuff) ???