Snapchat has had the option for people to submit custom geofilters for a while, but until now they’ve been restricted to public places and neighbourhoods. Now, anyone with $5 to spare and no self-respect can get in on the action.

In case you’ve lost your resident tween, let me explain what a geofilter is: if you swipe far right enough on a snap, you can get filters showing off an event or place that you’re currently near, so your recipients will understand that you’re in a cool and happening place.


The definition of “cool” and “happening” now extends to any individual or #brand with $5 to spend. In a blog post, Snapchat details the procedure: design a filter in Photoshop, draw the map for where it will appear (maximum size a few city blocks), and submit for approval. Prices start at $5, depending on how big and for how long you want your geofilter. Spend wisely (or not at all).