Snapchat's Update Lets You Replay One Snap Per Day

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Snapchat just rolled out a big update with a bunch of new features, the most important being Replay. Now, every day brings a one-time chance to review the most recent message in your stream. If that makes you think twice about what you've been Snapchatting, maybe it's time to reevaluate your life.


The Replay option is opt-in for recipients, not senders, and only gives you one extra look at the message — it's still deleted from Snapchat's server after the first view. The rest of the app's updates include color and black-and-white visual filters, a larger Helvetica caption font, front-facing flash (using your phone's screen as a flash), and an option for up to 7 "best friends." And a little puzzlingly, smart filters, which overlay the time, temperature, or speed you were traveling when you took your snap. [Free]


Nothing to See Here!

Ok, Snapchat, you can stop making it so elaborate or else you're going to be removing the whole point on the service.

Plus, could have done with telling me which one is the 'replay'; I saw two of the same message and thought "Their Snapchat must be fucked up or something? They're sending me the same thing twice?". It's literally the exact same thing, it doesn't say "replay", it doesn't just say "Want to replay this?".