Considering your smartphone shutter is likely pretty decent at this point, you probably tend to do at least a little basic photo editing. If you're an Android user you now have one more great option for that with Snapseed.

What does it do?

Gives you a simple, powerful photo editor packed with smart features features and tons of filters.


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Why do we like it?

Because it's stupid simple, but it also has a some more advanced features. You can go as basic as autocorrecting the whole photo or use the more specific features like tweaking the brightness and contrast, as well as enhancing specific areas of a pic, and everything in between. Then you can add borders and filters for a little more pizzaz. The Android app is also integrated with Google+, so (if you use it), you can auto-upload your photos to your profile. And as an added bonus, now that Snapseed has an Android version, the app is completely free on both Android and iOS.

Snapseed for Android

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The Best:

Easy to use

The Worst:

No one cares about Google+ integration