Snapture 2.0 Further Improves iPhone's Camera

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Snapture's one-upped their third-party jailbreak iPhone camera suite with Snapture 2.0, which brings multi-touch gesture zoom, cleaner user interface a delay timer and four color modes. You can also now delete pictures on the "viewfinder" which is nice, or go slightly more advanced with the self-timer and the ability to shut off rotation. It's free as long as you jailbreak your iPhone, but $7.99 if you want the premium version without ads and with QuickView delete/thumbnail stack/thumbnail enlarge. [Snapture]



Anybody know how to fix/remove the anti-reflective coating on the gen one iPhone lens? I know a lot of people who have problems with it, me included. It's been all foggy and funky for ages now. My iPhone pictures are horrible.