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SnoopStick Eliminates Any Privacy Your Kid Thought They Had

Illustration for article titled SnoopStick Eliminates Any Privacy Your Kid Thought They Had

The SnoopStick is a simple device that can have a not-so-simple impact on the relationship between parent and children (or boss/employer, husband/wife, etc). Plug the SnoopStick into a computer and run the setup software. It will install a "completely invisible" software that will monitor everything from Web sites viewed, IM conversations and more. Best of all, you can plug the SnoopStick into any other Internet-enabled PC to retrieve the information and even watch IM conversations happen in real-time. $60.


Product Page [Via OhGizmo!]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

And this is different from any other spyware marketed to parents? Oh, right—it's on a USB stick. I swear, keychain drives are das blinkenlights of the Aughts.

On the other hand, having something so shiny is a nice way of letting your kid know that they're being spied upon, so that they spend more time at the houses of friends who aren't paranoid, or find a hack that neutralizes this, or just grow up hating you. That'll work.