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To make our Snowmodo meetup at Northstar-at-Tahoe accessible to everyone, we need to arrange a carpool or bus. So we ask you guys, who needs a ride and how can we make it happen?


For those of you who want to carpool, we would suggest that you turn the comment's section of this post into a carpool thread. For those who have space available in the car and are willing to give a ride to those who need it, please feel free to post a comment stating your availability. We're hoping you guys will be able to work this out amongst yourselves. So, good luck!


You guys basically have two options. We can either run a carpool system that you guys figure out amongst yourselves in the comments section or we help arrange for a private bus. Working out the carpool option is pretty easy but the bus is little tougher. For those who need a ride to the mountain for our Snowmodo event, please read each option's info and than choose which is best for you.

Also, if you're planning on attending and haven't already filled out an RSVP form please do so below. Thanks!

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