So Here's the Next Roku

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The FCC's ruined the surprise for the Roku 2, and now beta tester photos are landing. Super! The Roku 2 looks a lot like every other Roku—and isn't much of a change inside. But it'll play Angry Birds!

The three new models are pretty similar—all pack the same Wireless-N WiFi chip, expandable storage via MicroSD, a frame about the size of an Apple TV, and—ta da—Bluetooth, which will likely fuel whatever the hell it is we play Angry Birds with. The top two models push 1080p, with the lesser of the three stuck at 720p.


Other than that... there isn't really much broken ground here. The addition of a reset button is nice for software hiccups, and the fact that only the highest-end box will have ethernet might bother some, but really, this looks a lot like the Roku you might own or be planning to buy now. [Engadget via Zatz Not Funny]