So What Would Really Happen If You Just, Like, Never Got Out of Bed?

Whether if it’s because you’re hung over, or because it’s a Monday, or because it’s just too damn early (or probably a combination of all three), staying in bed always seems like a great idea. Bed is home, bed is comfy, bed is safe. But staying in bed would be really bad for you if you actually never moved, because you’d probably get bed sores, you’d lose half your strength in three to five weeks, your bones would lose 40-70 percent of their mass, your heart rate would jump up, and you’d deal with gnarly things like increased anxiety and maybe even kidney stones.

Yeah, get yourself out of bed. Life Noggin explains below.

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So why the hell did Prince Charming kiss a woman who’d been sleeping for a century? She must have looked like the Cryptkeeper...