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We received this email from a reader named Fritz today.

After viewing your site for years it appears that those with webtv can't view it anymore because SOMEONE re-formatted it........never had a problem until this week..........will this force me to join the 21st century and buy a real computer? Nope. Goodbye Gizmodo! I'll miss ya!


The whole letter was too thick with irony to not write back.

Sorry to see you leave, Fritz. While I have no idea what happened to our WebTV compatibility, everyone at Gizmodo hates losing a loyal reader. But what if...and we're just spitballing here...we stopped publishing stories about heretical electronic innovation? Would you possibly reconsider your decision?

On a side note, my grandmother had WebTV until a year ago when she made the transition to a PC with flying colors.

-Mark Wilson

Why would anyone who refuses to buy a computer read Gizmodo, anyway? Because we're certain that it isn't the writing.

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