We're breaking down the comment account request process for you real simple like.

•Step 1• Pick a post (like this one for example).

•Step 2• Scroll to the bottom of the story and click the link that says "New User? Here's what to do".


•Step 3• Think of the best comment you can and type it into the text input block, because this will be your commenting audition.

•Step 4• Pick out a user name and password, don't worry you can always change your displayed name to be later.


•Step 5• If you're the forgetful type, toss in your email address as well so that you can retrieve your password.

•Step 6• Finally hit submit, and wait about 24 hours. If you still don't see your comment appear, chances are it didn't make it. But we're not that heartless, you can audition as many times as you want.