Solar Panel-Powered Prius in 2009 Confirmed

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In a Nikkei article set to publish Monday, it was revealed that Toyota has green lit plans to offer solar panels on its popular Prius hybrid vehicle. The solar panel option will be available on the high-end Prius model when it receives a redesign in 2009. Strangely, the Japanese business newspaper also reports that the power generated by the solar panels will be used for the air conditioning system. The solar panels are being manufactured by Kyocera Corp. Previously, Gizmodo has covered some DIY solar panel options for the Prius, but the news today confirms that an official offering is now forthcoming from Toyota. It's a start, right? [Reuters]



@berribrand: I agree with you, people who care about the environment should be applauded. But I would go on to say that people who really care, in an intelligent and informed way, should not drive cars at all, or at least they should only drive when necessary, and in that case they should rent a vehicle or participate in a car sharing program.

I am not of fan of poseurs who live in 10,000 square foot air conditioned multi-vehicle families who drive a Prius and then claim to be "Concerned". Real concern must translate into action. We aren't going to survive unless we all make real, and for some, very painful, changes to the way we live.

I know that this is heresy, but I doubt very much if there is anything out there that can replace gasoline. Batteries are fine, but until electricity is clean we are only shifting the problem around. Ethanol is a fucking joke, if it weren't so evil.

A bicycle is the most efficient form of transport ever devised by man, and it keeps you healthy too.