Solar-Powered Floatron Cleans Your Pool and Cuts Down on Chemicals

The Floatron is a pool-cleaning device that claims to be greener than the rest, according to its manufacturers. Not only does the $270 gadget radically reduce your chlorine use, but its manufacturers also claim that it purifies your pool water to EPA drinking water standards. Here's how...

When the 12-inch gizmo is floating in the pool, its photovoltaic panel converts the sunlight into a harmless, low-power electricity current. The current then energizes a specially alloyed mineral electrode, causing the release of mineral ions into the water. This ionized water controls the growth of micro-organisms naturally and efficiently, it says.


One Floatron is powerful enough to clean a 40,000-gallon pool. And on top of that, your kids can use it as the most expensive Frisbee ever made—although I am waiting for one of you to send me a link to a bling-studded disc commissioned long ago by P. Diddy to play Fetch with La Lopez.

Solar Pool Cleaner [Go Sun Solutions]

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