Some Like It Hot Just Might Be The Funniest Movie Ever Made

There are tons of hilarious performances in the history of modern movies, but Jack Lemmon's turn in Some Like It Hot is absolutely, positively, one of the funniest—if not the funniest—of all time.


For those unfamiliar with the 1959 Billy Wilder classic: Lemmon and Tony Curtis play a couple of broke musicians who witness some big time mob activity, which makes them big time targets, so they've got to find a way to get out of town—and fast. The only gig they can snag is for women only, so they dress up as gals and take a train from snowy Chicago to sunny Miami as Daphne and Josephine, the newest members of an all-lady band.

They meet the sweet and sexy Sugar, played by the sweet and sexy Marilyn Monroe; such a stellar cast already, and that's all before the pitch-perfect Joe E. Brown shows up as a lovestruck suitor—for Lemmon's Daphne.


Oh my gosh, Lemmon's Daphne. JACK LEMMON IS JUST SO GREAT. I don't know quite how to articulate that without the all-caps. His genuine charm and knack for physical comedy are undeniable, and united here in a role that is JUST SO GREAT. He's able to use his expressive face for lots and lots and lots of laugh out loud moments. Plus there's singing! Dancing! Mistaken identity! Pratfalls! Romance! This film will lift your spirits, and if you watch it, be sure to stay to the very end for what might be the best last line in cinema. [HBOgo]

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The people that I know who won't watch black and white movies really don't know what they are missing.