Someone Accidentally Knocked Out Krysten Ritter While Filming the New Season of Jessica Jones

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Based solely on the performances of the actors who portray them, Jessica Jones is actually one of the Defenders’ better fighters, but according to Krysten Ritter herself, she needs to brush up on her stunt fighting skills a bit after an accident on set left her knocked out cold.

Speaking to Women’s Health, Ritter recounted how, while filming a scene for the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones, she was punched in the face so hard that she ended up passing out and nearly biting clean through her tongue. First there was blood, then there was panicking from her about the blood,then there was teasing from the crew who got a kick out of seeing Ritter make the sorts of faces that people make when they’ve been punched, and finally, Ritter dusted herself off and got back to work.

Ritter also described how getting deeply into boxing training for the first season of her hit Marvel series has changed the way that she feels about on-set physicality. Said Ritter:

“I felt like such a loser the first time [punching.] I didn’t know how to throw a punch—why would I? Who knows how to throw a punch? Now I do it all the time, and it makes me feel strong. It’s so fucking fun.”


Plot details on Jessica Jones’ second season are still scant but now we know that in addition to dealing with the Purple Man once again, everyone’s favorite MCU alcoholic is going to get into at least one hardcore scrap next time we see her.