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Someone Created a MagSafe Connector For the Rest of the Plugs In Your Home

As much as USB-C is a vast improvement over the USB connectors of yesteryear, we’re still bummed that it replaced the MagSafe connector on the recent generation of Apple’s MacBooks. We’re not getting any less clumsy, but these magnetic breakaway plug adapters look like they could ease the fear of tripping over our other power cables.

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Like Apple’s retired MagSafe connector, these TUG adapters rely on a strong magnet to remain attached until a sturdy tug safely breaks the connection—whether intentional or accidental when you trip over a cord. As with the MagSafe adapter, I’m going to assume when these suddenly separate, there isn’t a shower of sparks flying in all directions.


Being clumsy doesn’t come cheap, as each TUG adapter will set you back $20, or $50 for a three-pack. But it’s cheaper than replacing the laptop that would instead be accidentally yanked to the ground if its power cord didn’t have a magnetic quick-release.

[I Love Handles via swissmiss]

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Someone needs to make a version for headphones. I’ve broken 2 soundcards from (angrily) getting up from a gaming session and forgetting I actually have on headphones. And no, I don’t want wireless headphones. I took me 10 years to find a pair that I find comfortable and play nice with my glasses.