Someone Invented Uterus Man, And It's Weirder Than You Could Imagine

You read that right: Uterus Man. This grotesque biological superhero rides a pelvic chariot, flies using blood powers, and gains power from eating placenta.


This video is NSFW, unless your work has a liberal policy about baby meteor hammers. It's also a bit disturbing in places, in case the phrase "baby meteor hammers" didn't tip you off.

You may recall bioartist Lu Yang's zombie cyborg frog ballet, which involved applying electrical shocks to the legs of dead frogs (which had previously been used for medical dissection) to create a grisly danse macabre. Now she's blending biological innards with superheroes for her oddly contradictory character Uterus Man.

In an interview with Time Out Shanghai, Yang admitted to the provocative nature to her work (for example, dressing an apparently male character in a uterus), but there's a sort of brilliance amidst all of the weirdness in her Uterus Man video, which debuted in the fall as part of a showcase of Shanghai artists, designers, and video game creators. If you aren't bothered by the idea of sanitary pad skateboards and umbilical whip attacks, the Uterus Man animation is perversely funny as Yang keeps coming up with new and stranger powers for her uterine superhero.

Apparently, Uterus Man already exists in the form of an online game, but Yang is interested in collaborating with other types of artists on Uterus Man media—if they can stomach it.

[via Cool Hunting]




♫ Uterus man, uterus man, / Doing the things a uterus can / Carries a fetus to gestation / Confuses dudes with its location / Whoa-oh / Here comes the uterus man....