Someone Is Creating a Real Live Version of Farmville

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A large real life farm in the UK is turning into a Farmville game. It's called the MyFarm experiment and the 2,500 Wimpole Estate farm will be run by 10,000 people over the internet. How will it work?


The online 'farmers' will have to pay around $50 to become a member and once they do, they'll be able to discuss and vote on what each plot of land should be used for. No cannabis or bananas though (why no weed?). The real life farmer will try and help inform the online farmers by giving them advice on blogs and videos but those 10,000 people are the ones who will eventually call the shots. The most popular vote wins out.

Tons of people I don't know play Farmville (47 million a month apparently!), let's see what they're made of in real life, eh? [On Earth via TechCrunch]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I have to admit, I did play Farmville when it first came out; however, I also got bored of it after about a month. I don't understand how it's keeping 47 million people entertained so long.