Someone Made an Entire Movie About How Awful 3G Data Is

What began as a shameless ploy by the LTE-peddling thugs of the mobile crime wars has, fortunately, evolved into a tale of star-crossed lovers set for the modern stage. Presenting 3G: The Killer Connection, the story of what can happen when your choice of data carrier turns out to be wrong. Dead wrong.

Our story begins in Fiji, where young couple Sam and Sheena are on a passionate getaway. That is, until Sam purchases a second-hand, 3G phone, which—as 3G devices are wont to do—acts as a vessel for a murderous onslaught of threatening phantom phone calls. Because extensive service in a wide range of markets doesn't come without a price tag.


So Capulets and Montagues, Sharks and Jets, 1 Mbit/S and 2 Mbit/S data speeds, it doesn't matter. The names may have changed, but the dream of high-speed mobile internet without sacrificing reliable coverage will always remain the same. [Apple Trailers]

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