Something's Fishy Around Here

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Some clever people are using their flat panel displays to play back a video loop depicting fish swimming around in a tank. Well now here's a twist on that idea, where you hang a fish tank on the wall and disguise it as a flat panel display. Available with a choice of six tropical reef-like backgrounds, the AquaVista 500 is an aquarium that includes everything you need to set up a hospitable environment for fish, including gravel, a vacuum, a fishnet and a special extendable claw to help you reach all the way down to Davy Jones locker. Just add fish and water, and you're good to go. The aquarium has a built-in overhead lighting system, as well as a pump, filtration system and heating controls that are all regulated by a proprietary embedded LCD control panel. Available with a decorative wood or plastic frame, the aquarium is 4.5 inches thick and 26 inches square, holding 6.6 gallons of fresh water. The turnkey system includes a wall mounting bracket, and at $300 it's a lot cheaper than that plasma or LCD display you've been gawking at. Hang it near your front door for the most powerful feng shui.

AquaVista Tank [Red Ferret]

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