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Somewhere there exists an R-rated version of Galaxy Quest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Galaxy Quest isn't exactly a movie you'd expect to attract an R rating. After all, the parody of scifi TV shows and their fandoms is already pretty perfect with its innocent aliens and a nod to female eye candy who looks particularly stellar in a tight military uniform. But somewhere out in the universe, there lurks a very different Galaxy Quest, one filled with swearing and sex.

This odd bit of trivia comes from John Carter producer Lindsey Collins, who told Collider that Galaxy Quest's own Sigourney Weaver let the info slip:

We had lunch with Sigourney [Weaver] who was telling us that there actually used to be an R-rated version of that movie which was awesome. It was the director's cut and it was R-rated and everybody was swearing and there were sex scenes, and the whole thing. They didn't know what to do with it, so they had to re-edit the whole thing and made it what it is today. We were like, ‘How do we get our hands on the R-rated version of Galaxy Quest?' She said ‘I don't know!' and we were like, ‘Come on, Sigourney!'


As much as I love Galaxy Quest just the way it is, I'll admit that I'm curious to see this mysterious R-rated version. What would the sex scenes add to the quirky comedy? And just whom do we talk to about getting this puppy released in full?

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