Sonic Fabric Neckties Are Actually Playable

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The music may be horrible, but if you rub a tape head over these ties you can actually hear jumbled sound collages recorded from the NYC metro system. This is possible because the ties are 50% audio cassette tape.


If you have $90 to spend on one of the ties, and you are willing to sacrifice an old Walkman for the project, you can make this a fixture of your formal wardrobe. Of course, walking around with a broken Walkman asking every one to rub you with it is not recommended. [Supermarket via Gadget Lab]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

"the idea behind the tie is that the wearer becomes a beacon for other-dimensional, intangible, subtle forces of good…much in the manner of a superhero. only this part of the superhero garb can be worn on the outside in the most conservative environment without detection! "

What the hell does that mean?

This has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. So you buy a $90 tie which is made out of recycled casette tapes, then you have to destroy a walkman and rub it along the tie like an idiot just to hear garbled sound of what they claim to be the NYC subway. And what have you accomplished by doing this? That you are a moron who bought a retarded looking $90 tie just so you could listen to the sound of garbled crap.