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Sony 56-Inch 4K OLED TV Hands-On: So Bright, So Beautiful, So Far From Existing (Updated)

Sony is showing off an organic light-emitting wet dream in 8 million pixels. Why can't a 4K OLED TV exist today? Now that I've seen the future as a 56-inch prototype, I'm sad I have to wait until tomorrow to see it again. All televisions should be this incredible.


The display in Sony's CES booth is a prototype screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. That's four times the number of dots on a 1080 HD display. Yup, this is ultra high definition. The screen is a TFT LCD illuminated by an OLED layer, which burns bright with out burning up energy. Sony figured out how to build a high-resolution structure of these diodes larger, and thus, a super screen.

But on to what matters.

4K OLED TV seems like a ridiculous concept because both 4K and OLED sets are both just now coming to market after years of experiments. And even now that these dream screens are supposedly consumer products, nobody can afford them.


But the 4K OLED makes you forget reality the way a great TV should. You start thinking lofty shit. This has to exist one day soon because we are human and we deserve it.

Illustration for article titled Sony 56-Inch 4K OLED TV Hands-On: So Bright, So Beautiful, So Far From Existing (Updated)

I watched the TV while it was playing Sony's optimized content, but even considering the setup, the screen was mesmerizing.

Or at least that's what I think. Maybe the alternating shock value of both technologies is just scrambling my brain. Maybe the bright color of the OLEDs contrasted with the visceral 4K texture just overloaded my senses. It's possible. But I'm suddenly convinced that that this 56-inch screen can make my living room better—if not my life. Godspeed Sony. [Sony]


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Uh, could i just get some help in convincing the girlfriend a 720p and bluray upgrade to our dvd and old curved glass crt thing (you know, when a tv was a for or more thick)? It's still 4:3 ffs!