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Sony's pushing Blu-ray down consumers throats whether they like it or not and this is all the more apparent with these Blu-ray recorders with built-in hard drives. There's two models, the BDZ-V9 (pictured here) and the BDZ-V7, sport a 500GB and 250GB hard drive, respectively, for storing content for later burning onto a Blu-ray disc. The recorders aren't compatible with 50GB Blu-ray discs, so get used to using the boring 25GB discs. They can, however, record up to two different programs simultaneously.

Both models fully support 1080p high definition recording and can be controlled with a DoCoMo cellphone. The higher end BDZ-V9 hits Japan on December 8 for around $2,550 while the BDZ-V7 hits at the same time for around $2,120.


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