Sony CFD-S01 Karaoke Boom Box

Sony's looking to squeeze just a few more yen out of the CD player market with it CFD-S01. Not only does it play CDs, but it also plays cassettes! Hot dog! In addition to playing back optical audio discs and magnetic tapes, both of which are cutting edge technologies, it also had a Karaoke function, making your next party as embarrassing as your last social disaster. There's also a built-in AM/FM radio, should you wish to hear know-nothing jocks spew corporate-approved nonsense.

The 3.14-inch speakers output 1.7 watts of dual-channel audio and Sony's Mega Bass attempts to produce some semblance of low frequency sounds from the proud, pink (or gray or white) shell. It's due out in Japan on August 10 for about $70.


Product Page (in Japanese) [Sony Japan via]

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