Sony Cuts Prices on Latest Blu-ray Player to $599

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Sony's latest Blu-ray player, the BDP-S300, will have the "same capabilities" as the current $999 BDP-S1, but cost only $599. In comparison, the cheapest HD DVD player (the Toshiba HD-A1) is about $399 to $499 depending on where you look.


With the price difference just $100 or so, it seems like Sony's bridged the gap in such a way that only movie selection will determine what the average consumer buys. As for the discs themselves, if you've seen our Frankenfight, gives the slight edge to Blu-ray and HD DVD depending on whether you like audio or extras. Otherwise, Superman's super bulge looks just as big on Blu-ray as it does on HD DVD.

Sony announces cheaper Blu-ray Player [Yahoo News via Blu-ray Freak]



Regardless of the exact pricing, when this 'war' started in 1812 the Blu-Ray player was twice as much as an HD-DVD. It is nice to see that price will no longer determine the victor in this war, and instead that will likely be determined by the fact that the parent companies are having a contest to see who is the bigger idiot.

Now, does the biggest idiot win or lose a game like this? I have not read the rule book.