Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1: Look Mom, No Wires!

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Sony today launch their latest Cybershot camera, the DSC-G1. At first glance it seems to be an ordinary point-and-shoot with a handful of extraordinary features: camera-to-camera wireless capability (actually not that groundbreaking, but it's a first for Sony); and a rather spanky search system, which allows you to look for photos with the same face, same color or same compostion. There's also a mahoosive 2GB internal memory and larger-than-normal LCD screen to play with. It'll cost you, though - $600 - and it's on sale from next month. Full specs are after the jump.


3.5-inch LCD screen

921,000-pixel resolution

6.0 effective Megapixels

2GB internal memory - stores up to 7,500 VGA-quality or 600 6-megapixel photos

Auto Image Management System

Super Steady Shot® image stabilization

Light sensitivity up to 1000 ISO

Carl Zeiss® 3x optical zoom/ 6x Precision Digital zoom


MPEG4 movie recording with sound

WiFi technology

DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance

Album, Slideshow with music

Collaboration shot, Picture gift

User friendly operation with new GUI

Stamina InfoLithium battery



Now that struck me as a wise thing for Sony to do: Build memory into the camera.

It makes sense for Sony because Memory Stick media is proprietary and not extremely popular.

By making the camera usable right out of the box with no need to buy additional memory they STILL profit on the actual CHIPS being sold.

They already make that stuff to put into Memory Sticks anyway, right?

And if you want to expand the camera's storage beyond the internal 2GB you STILL have to buy Memory Stick media regardless. Just later, after you've had a chance to form an emotional attachment to the camera or you can get it cheaper.