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Sony DSC-N2 Cyber-shot With 3-Inch Touch Screen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In our haste to bring news of the Sony DSC-T50 Cyber-shot, we failed to mention the Cyber-shot DSC-N2, a 10-megapixel digital camera with a 3-inch touch screen display. The camera makes use of Sony's Clear Photo Plus LCD technology that supposedly enables higher resolutions, higher contrast and improved viewing angles. It also has 25MB of internal memory, which might as well be 0MB given that 10-megapixel pictures take up a hefty amount of memory. That's where the "optional media card" jumps in to save the day.

The DSC-N2 has a 3x Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar optical zoom, which is good news for peeping Toms the world over. Combine that with its Super SteadyShot (not quite SuperDuper SteadyShot, I'm afraid), and Sony's latest Cyber-shot might actually be worth your while.


The Sony DCS-N2 Cyber-shot digital camera will be in stores in October for around $400.

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