Sony Elevated Standard Home Theater Receivers Have Wi-Fi, Faroudja Upscaling Technology

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Sony's stealing a bit of Denon's release thunder today with its Elevated Standard line of home theater receivers. Not only does it have Wi-Fi, like the Denon, there's the PlayStation 3/PSP/Sony Bravia Xross Media Bar onscreen interface, six HDMI 1.3 inputs, Faroudja DCDi Cinema 1080p upscaling via HDMI, Sirius and XM satellite ready, Deep Color support, a 100-watt amp, and a Bluetooth receiver for streaming music from Sony Ericsson phones. The High end Denon has a better Silicon Optics Realta video processor, but its also almost 3x as much cheddar. There will be three models available. STR-DA5300ES for $1700 in September, STR-DA4300ES for $1300 in October, and STR-DA3300ES for $1000 in August. [Sony]