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This Sony Ericsson hands-free bluetooth unit fits into your car to provide quick visual access to your phone without fumbling for it while you're driving. The HCB-700 consists of two pieces, one screen that mounts at eye level so you can see what's going on, and a second knob-like device that can be used to hang up, mute, or make calls. Turning the knob will scroll through your phone's address book and display the results on the screen for easy viewing.

Between this, a phone, an iPod, FM transmitter, GPS unit, and chargers for all of them, the inside of our cars are becoming more complicated than the tactical console of the Starship Enterprise. Where's Data when you need him?


Update: Reader Scott tells us that this has been on shelves since last year, but recommends the Parrot CK3100 because it has better phone support and voice dialing. Thanks Scott!

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