Sony Ericsson P990i Finally Gets FCC Approval

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Jeez, does it take a long time for a cellphone to be approved for US use, or what? Case in point: the Sony Ericsson P990i, which just made it through the labyrinthine gauntlet of the FCC approval process.


In case you've forgotten about this powerful smartphone we introduced to you back in December of last year, it supports the Symbian OS 9.1 and the UIQ 3 platform, it's got a music player on board that supports MP3, AAC and AAC+, and it specializes in push e-mail with a highly functional QWERTY keyboard. Expect to see the Sony Ericsson P990i available stateside next month.


Sony P990i Approved for the USA [Mobilewhack, via Smartfone]

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huh?? send/receive SMS via BT with Apple address book? Why would you want to SMS via bluetooth???

And yes, ActiveSync does synchronize with Apple OS's last time I checked. Not phone dependent, sync software dependent.