Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman Phone's Speaker is Bass-y

Illustration for article titled Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman Phone's Speaker is Bass-y

Sony Ericsson's newest Walkman cell phone is targeting the youth, not only by photographing the gadget with skateboards, but also by highlighting the phone's built-in stereo speakers—with an emphasis on high quality bass.

Sony Ericsson is bringing great music to the masses with the slick slider W395 Walkman phone, complete with large powerful built-in stereo speakers. Experience high sound quality and thumping bass that lets you share the concert experience with friends.


Uhh, really? How loud can it be? The cell phone also comes equipped with a 2MP camera, 3D games, motion gaming support, FM radio, USB connectivity and a 12.5-hour battery life. Though it will be available within the next few months, pricing is still unknown. [Press Release via Wired]



Egh. Also, MemoryStick? Eww. Do not want. I wish Sony would quit ruining their products by pushing shit formats. (UMD, Betamax, MiniDisk, MemoryStick, etc)