Sony Is Giving PSN Users Gifts To Make Up For The Hacking

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Over Christmas, the self-styled group of lulz-seeking lowlifes known as the Lizard Squad DDoSed the shit out of PSN and Xbox Live, ruining Christmas for untold numbers of 8-year-olds, and by extension their parents. Law enforcement is slowly but surely bringing them to justice, but now Sony is also trying to make amends to users.


The olive branch takes two forms: a five-day free extension for any Playstation Plus members who had a membership or free trial active during the hacks; and 10 percent off one cart of digital goods from the PSN store for all members, applicable to games and TV content alike. If you've got a bunch of vouchers stored up (or your New Year's resolution was to do more gaming), it could be a handy way to save some cash. [Sony via Eurogamer]

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Sure doesn't seem like much of gift since I have to spend money to "use" said gift...and the nature of the attacks were not hacks. Hacks are what happened in 2011.