Report: Lizard Squad Hacker Arrested by U.K. Police

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Lulz-seeking low-level dipshit troll coterie Lizard Squad is allegedly down one member. Vinnie Omari, member of the obnoxious hacking collective claiming responsibility for DDoS attacks on PlayStation and Xbox, was arrested after police raided his London home, according to the Daily Dot.


Omari was allegedly released from jail on Tuesday, and says that no charges have been filed. On his bail notice, his alleged offenses include "unauthorized computer access with intent to commit other offences."

Security researcher and Lizard Squad nemesis Brian Krebs was amused by the incident:


Earlier this week, Krebs outed Omari and a man named Julius Kivimäki as members of the shit-disturbing group. There are no signs that Kivimäki has been arrested as well, nor is there hard evidence that this raid was tied to Omari's digital attacks. But there are reports that the FBI is investigating other members of Lizard Squad, so it is clear that law enforcement are paying attention to the attacks. [Daily Dot]

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STOP CALLING THEM HACKERS!!! Hell they did msot of this with codes some guy gave them. Any moron could have done this (as proven by the fact that a bunch of morons did do this).