Illustration for article titled Sony, Microsoft, and Best Buy Join in the Fight Against Tough Packaging: Clamshells Days are Numbered

Electronics manufacturers are finally coming together for a cause I think we can all support: getting rid of the impossible-to-open, finger-slicing, dangerous-sharp-tool-requiring plastic prisons for our gadgets known as the clamshell package. Amazon started the struggle, and Sony, Microsoft, and Best Buy are jumping in to finish the job. Apparently over 6,000 Americans per year make hospital visits because of injuries (cuts, mostly) sustained by opening the damn clamshells. The design was created to curb theft, so it's no problem for Amazon to implement it; it's awfully tough to shoplift from an online store. But when Microsoft decides to sell its Explorer mouse at Best Buy in an easily-opened zipper package, you know times are a'changin. Sony is implementing a package, for use at Best Buy and Walmart, that is easily opened but emits a loud noise, like Velcro tearing, to deter in-store thieves. Mike Fasulo, chief marketing officer for Sony, said, "None of us intentionally tried to make this a hassle for consumers," which is pretty nice for a total non-apology apology. Death to the clamshell! [NYTimes]


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