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Sony's second generation GPS came out today, building upon the solid, if not a little boring first system.

This one has a few tricks up its sleeves, though.
Most notably traffic monitoring, and finger gesture reading. Traffic is par for the course, but the finger gestures are something we''ve never seen before. Essentially, you can do things like draw an upsidedown V on the touchscreen to set the nav to bring you home. (Sony told us it was the shape of a teepee or roof, so it should be easy to remember.)


The screen is 3.5 inches diagonal, and it has 7.5 million points of interest across North America. Both decent stats.

The downside is that...

the traffic sensor is built into a likely bulky bracket, while Garmin manages to fit their traffic modules inside of its StreetPilot series monitor. And I require any GPS I use for driving to have text to voice for street name announcement, which this does not have.

It's a tight space, and I still think TomTom, Garmin and the soon to be released Dash are the best bets for the money. Final judgment reserved for the time when I get one in my hands. Or Charlie does another one of these awesome GPS vids.


Sony NV-U71T [Sony]


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