Ring the church bells, for the Sony NW-A800 portable media player (Walkman) is now official. It's Europe-only for now (and expensive, too, at around $392), but you know what? You probably won't miss it. It does everything that every other two-bit knockoff portable media player does, except that it'll also play ATRAC files. So, by my calculations, that affects about eight of you out there in Radioland. It's available in four totally in-your-face colors and three storage capacities: 2, 4 and 8GB. Let's see, multi-colored, multiple capacities... nope, never heard of that before. Sony innovates.

Walkman fans will point to its 2.0-inch screen with 240x320 resolution screen as a bit of a saving grace, but my eyes very quickly tire of watching watching tiny video. No word on when it'll come out here, but I can't wait to walk right by it by it the store.


Product Page [Sony UK via dapreview.net]

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