Sony Paints the Town Pink With Its PSP This October

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Someone must have given control of Sony's design department to Barbie with word that they'll be releasing a pink version of their somewhat underwhelming PSP in October. This coincides with yesterday's announcement that they'll be releasing a pink PS2 in the fall as well. Looks like Sony's crack research department has figured out that the way to get more girl gamers is to paint everything pink. Way to put your thinking hat on, guys.


The pink PSP will be of the value pack variety, meaning that, in addition to getting a device that doesn't know if it's a portable gaming console or a portable media player, you'll also receive a pair of white headphones, a pouch, a wrist strap and a whopping 32MB Memory Stick Duo. Lastly, it seems that the singer Pink will be lending her good name to this PSP with the inclusion of her latest music videos on UMD.


Right now, the pink PSP is Euroland-only, but if you're on the Old Continent, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $320 for it.

Sony introduces the Pink PSP with added Pink [Tech Digest]

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Sony Execs + Crack Pipe = Pink PSP