Pretty in Pink PS2 Due This November

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Sony has answered every [UK] boy and girl's wish just in time for the holidays with the announced release of a pink-colored version of its PlayStation 2 console. Destined to be a hit amongst the Chelsea crowd, this pink PS2 will also come bundled with a pink controller, a pink memory card as well as with the totally masculine game Singstar Pop. With the pink PS2, Sony is playing catch-up with other companies that long ago realized that the way to reach out to the female market is to paint every product pink.


The dolled up PS2 should hit British stores this November for around $246.

Pink PS2 arriving in November [Stuff Magazine UK]



TO: Sony Corporation

FROM: wohho

CC: Gizmodites

DATE: 8/21/06

RE: Pink PS2 (UK release)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to request as a Sony shareholder that you cease and desist all activities that are:

a) Worthless shams of marketing

b) Completely pointless, unless you are attempting to make a mockery of the Playstation brand

c) Wastes of corporate capital

Furthermore, I would like to request you focus corporate resources not on development of kitchey themed PS2's and instead focus on making the PS3 not suck ass or cost mad bags o' loot.

Thank you.